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Longvolt Energy (ningbo) Co., Ltd

Longvolt Energy (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and manufacturing of lithium-ion solar street lights, providing comprehensive solutions for lithium-ion solar smart lighting and beautiful rural solar lighting. The lithium-ion solar energy storage and control system developed and produced by the company can perfectly match various series of solar street lights, solar IoT smart street lights, lithium-ion security (lighting), solar courtyard lights, lawn lights, and floodlights. At the same time, through protective devices, our products are also widely used in cold regions such as Svobodny District in Russia and the suburbs of Minsk in Ukraine, Ensure that lithium-ion solar lighting stays on all night for more than ten consecutive rainy days and harsh environments below minus 50 degrees Celsius.

The company's products have passed the solar product certification, energy-saving technology certification, international CB certification, TUV certification, EU CE certification, and ROHS certification of the China Quality Certification Center. The lithium batteries have passed the product safety certification of the China Quality Certification Center and comply with the GB 31241-2014 standard.

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